Friday, September 28, 2007

Gobsmacked Jesse Jackson Bumbles On O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly invited Jesse Jackson to talk about race relations on The O'Reilly Factor on Thursday night.
-Talk News at its best.

Here was a classic exchange...
O'Reilly questions Jesse about the high illegitimacy rate in the black community.
Gobsmacked at O'Reilly's bold question- Jesse Jackson bumbles:

What was that?
If it wasn't so tragic it would be hilarious.
Or... if it wasn't so hilarious it would be tragic.
One or the other.
And, just think- Democrats prop this guy up like he's some kind of savior.


  1. I had to watch it twice, I wasn't sure anyone could be that bizarre without staying up all night drinking(Danny Devito).

    I find the question incredible, but the answer typical, now guns kill people and create unwed mothers!!!

  2. Let's see if I got this right?

    Guns (yet no problem getting them and using them), no jobs (no job skills of course and no discipline to get any), and they don't grow the drugs (but dang if they don't use them a lot))...

    Well then I guess all those unwed mothers are experiencing virgin births...

    Funny thing is, I don't see a new star in the east for each of those virgin births...

  3. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Oh no! That wasn't very polite of Bill. Didn't he remember that Jesse Jackson fathered a secret "love child" who is no longer secret?

  4. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Bill Cosby says and has been saying the same as Bill O'. Is 'Cos' racist? I am sure he is not embraced by Rev's Jesse & Al

  5. Wait just one minute, please.

    You are talking about Bill Clinton's 'White House Cellar' prayer meeting partner. What meetings those must have been with these two adulterers and undiclosed female worshipers in attendance. AMEN.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton's SPIRITUAL ADVISOR.

    JUst think. You can get THREE for the price of one - Hill, Bill and Jizzy.

  6. Girls go wild when there aren't enough eligible men.


    One way to help the situation is to end drug prohibition.

    The last time Jesse talked about how prohibition is affecting the black community he was ignored or worse. He keeps his peace on the subject these days.