Friday, September 28, 2007


UPDATE: Media says the death toll is much higher than what is being reported.
Myanmar Soldiers Fire on Students and Journalists!

The brutal murder of Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai at the hands of the military junta was caught on tape for all the world to see.

HotAir posted the video.
Burmese blogger Ko Htike posted the photos. reported on the death of the Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai:

Kenji Nagai, 50, was shot through his right chest during a military crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations around the Sule Pagoda in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar's largest city, the officials said. He likely died instantly, they added...

It was his first visit to Myanmar, and he entered the country with a tourist visa, according to Myanmar's state-run television.

Japanese video journalist Kenji Nagai, is seen in this handout photo taken in April, 2003 in Amman, Jordan. Nagai, 50, has been killed during a government crackdown on a democracy demonstration in the Myanmar capital of Yangon, Japan's Foreign Ministry said on September 27, 2007. (Handout via Kyodo/Reuters)

The official junta news service said that "warning" shots had been fired "over" the crowd.

The military junta also fired on school children in Rangoon!
Democratic Voice of Burma reported:

Sep 28, 2007 (DVB)–Government security forces beat up and fired upon young students in front of a school during yesterday’s brutal crackdown on large-scale protests in Rangoon, according to witnesses.

A group of students was marching from Pansodan bridge to the high school in Tamwe township, while many other students were inside the school compound. Soldiers and government guards fired automatic weapons into the air and at chest-level to prevent marching students from reaching the school.

“There were primary-grade students studying inside the school and some of them were hit as well,” said one of the witnesses.

Parents waiting to collect their children from school were also among those hit by bullets.

“They also rammed a truck with its headlights on into a crowd of students before arresting them at gunpoint,” said another witness, who stated that about 300 students were arrested in the crackdown.

“Teachers at the school had to take all the children and their parents inside the school building and give them shelter,” the witness continued.
Michelle Malkin has a report on the violent crackdown by the junta.
Pajamas Media continues to report on the protests.

A businessman from Singapore was shot (photo above) when he and his wife were traveling through Rangoon and their car that was blocked by riot police.
He describes the shooting at Ko Htike:

I am a Singaporean working in Myanmar for the past 11 years.
I was on my way to office( near Thuwana area) at around 4 to 4.30pm when the riot police block the road near "Super one, ILBC area". I stop my car with my wife and walk out. suddenly riot police and soldiers drove the truck around the corner and start firing shots at the crowd. we quickly ran to the side and squat down near the wall.

The soldiers came down and start to shoot at us. I was shot twice but i did not know what hit me. My both leg were bruised. the soldiers and police kicked us and the rest of the crowds into the drain and shouted that they would kill us if we look at them.

We were forced to stay in the drain for 15 mins and gather by the into a group.
A commander came and gather his troops and drove off to Tamwe direction.
After that ,i looked at my injures and and found injures on my left and right legs.
My wife found the "40mm riot control munnition" empty cartridge that the soldiers shoot at me.

I would like the embassy and media to know the actions of this army.
We are just ordinary citizen going to work and they just shot at us for no reason.
Imagine what they would do to the protesters!

I would like the Singapore government would make a strong stand against this violence crack down on the monks and people.

A young student killed by the junta during the democracy protest. (DVB)

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